Sunday, 8 January 2017

memories that are nice pt1

ermmmmmmmmmm memories that are nice:

standing on stage on friday 25th november at around 9:45pm and singing the encore "Consider Yourself" on my last night paying nancy in Oliver! like it's a melancholy memory because i knew i couldn't ever wear my red nancy dress after this show and months and months, almost half a year of rehearsals had led up to this moment. it was just so nice because my grandparenrs and best friends, school friends, teachers, so many people i knew were in the audience and i guess it was just nice, like pride not just for myself but for the whole cast of friends and just knowing that even tho the experience was over i was so content with how i had performed and that there was nothing i would change about my performance on that night and yeah it's just a really good feeling, like you've prooved yourself and not just to strangers but to family and friends and yh it was so nice and when i think back to it, it makes me just feel warm ..

Monday, 11 April 2016

Letter to my 26 Year Old Self

Oh hey:P

Tomorrow I am turning sixteen and I'm kinda scared and a little nostalgic, so I thought I'd write a letter to myself 10 years from now, just to remind myself what is was like to be 16.

Here we gooooooo:

Hey, it's me. I'm shy, awkward and in a constant state of embarrassment, as well as stressed 25/8. Wow I sound really fun now aha. Okay... I have some of the best friends imaginable and I hope that we are still rather close in 2026 too, because I do really love them. For your sixteenth birthday you went shopping at the Bullring, you wear boyfriend jeans and yellow jumpers and hippy dresses - not all at once. Your hair is extremely long and you are considering donating it - did you do that? Your favourite colour is orange, your height is 5ft1 and completely and utterly in love with Les Miserables. Speaking of which, your favourite word is 'utterly' for it is a rather beautiful word. This was the year you did Grease at school and it was one of the best moments ever and you made so many more amazing friends. You also auditioned and got into county! You're taking your grade 6 singing in July and 19 GCSE exams in May and June - I hope we do well. You've ordered a gorgeous prom dress but we're not sure if it is too long or not. You're little cousin was born this year, he'll be 10 when you're reading this and that is a bit scary. Your favourite film is Tim Burton's 'Sweeney Todd' and your favourite Eponine is Lea Salonga - this is important information okay:P You play a little piano and a little guitar, do you still play? Did you ever buy a ukulele? I hope you did! Anyway I gotta go cus my battery's running out aha see you in 10 years:P

Friday, 11 March 2016

What Comes to Mind?

Yknow what I have absolutely no objective for this whatsoever so lets just go with it.

Umm, what happened today?
It was pretty shit, cried in Drama because WE DO NOT HAVE A PIECE FOR MONDAY and I'm screwed. I cried a lot this week. That's pretty sad tbh.

Had a singing lesson it was decent. And music and PE and History which we had a freaking exam on Suffragettes and it's surprising how many white boys are sexist pieces of shit ohmy. Yes you are soooo right all I think of is dresses and babies.

I kinda hate some people when they just have to be so shit to everyone, like do you not know the boundaries of how badly you can treat someone ughh people frustrate me.

I changed my mind about my A levels, I'm not doing 2 dramas, that's ridiculous. Psychology,Drama, German and English Lit and Lang. But i think I might do English Lit only, it's a facilitating subject.

Don't even know if I wanna go uni or drama school.
Don't even know what I wanna do

Aghghghgh ramble

I freaking love the Beatles and I sound like such a try hard white girl but seriously tho, they just make me happy.

Saturday, 5 March 2016


                   This year I have really had to push myself confidence-wise because of multiple concerts, plays and exams I have participated in. At first I found this really hard and felt really shy, but I soon realised that I needed more confidence to perform my best.

         At my lowest point I was over-thinking everything and started to believe that nobody wanted to hear my opinion. I couldn't look anybody in the eye and most of the time I wanted the ground to swallow me up, it was pretty shit.

                  I think that I've managed to become more confident recently and I thought I'd tell you some of the tips I used cus y'know its a hard world out there.//

    I literally live by this. If you pretend to be confident, who could possibly know otherwise?

    Not only will you feel more confident, you'll look more confident too!

    Even if it's just a little thing like walking across a room without tripping, you did great! Have a mental high five!

    Not many people are 100% confident all the time, there will always be a moment when you feel a little bit silly but that's totally okay! Also realise that nobody cares if you mess up a little bit, whilst you;re thinking about it in the middle of the night, everybody else has already forgotten!

    Seriously? It's such a waste of a short life to dwell on what other people think about you. You have one chance to achieve what you want with your life - you cannot afford to care about what people think. If people hate you? - It sucks to be them and they are missing out!

Exam Stress

I think that it is pretty darn difficult to find anybody currently in education who is not stressed about exams. I am currently in year eleven, my last year at high school, and I am finding the pressure placed on me almost unbearable. I feel that so much is expected of me everyday and that a lot of teachers don't understand that I TAKE MORE THAN ONE SUBJECT. 

Every time I'm not revising I feel so guilty, as if I'm ruining my future by not studying 24/7.

I know that it is worth working this hard but some days it is horrible to have to spend a whole day revising.

I just don't understand why so much pressure is needed and that many of the qualifications I will receive as GCSEs I will not even use.

I dunno, the systems corrupt and I'm stressed..?

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Pretty Muddy 2014 #StandUpToCancer

Ello ello ello.
A while back, my best friend, my mum's friend and I, decided to do something for cancer research. After searching the internet for a normal Race for Life we found a course called the Pretty Muddy. This is basically your usual 5K Race except everything is muddy

There were ten different obstacles that you had to climb, crawl or struggle through, some were muddier than others. The final obstacle was a massive slide with a pit of mud at the end, and I think that was where we picked up the most of our mud!

We ended up raising about £200 online and offline and our JustGiving page is still open for donations:)

It was really fun and I would definitely recommend doing this as it was for such an amazing cause. 

There are details about all Race for Life courses here: 

And click on this link to go to our JustGiving page:

Thank you for reading!